Mobile Unit

We are certified and specialize in most "NDT/NDI" Inspections and methods on all makes and models of aircraft, airframes, engines, landing gear, wheels and propellers. We also offer inspection during the manufacturing process. Our Level III Inspectors can work with you to develop technically viable NDT inspections on most non-routine items as well.


Aircraft Inspection Services, Inc. provides both mobile and in-house nondestructive testing services. Our advanced mobile laboratories have all the necessary tools and equipment to complete inspections almost anywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a scheduled appointment.


Inspection Methods
Radiography (X-Ray)
Eddy Current
Magnetic Particle
Liquid Dye Penetrant
Visual Inspection
Specialized Services (MOI)
Magnetic Optical Imaging
Wheel Overhaul
Borescopic/Endoscopic Examination
Optical Micrometer Measurements
Optical Prism Examinations
Ultrasonic Thickness Mapping
ASNT-TC-1A Instruction & Consulting
Alternate Means of Compliance (AMOCS)
Airworthiness (A.D.) NDT Compliance
Manufacturer Service Bulletin/Letter NDT
NDT Level III Consulting
Aircraft Pre-Buy Consulting
Special Certifications
Cessna Certified Independent NDI Facility # C-181
FAA Approved for Beech 18 wing spar AD 75-27-09
King Air SIRM wing spar examination qualified
ASNT Level III RT/UT/ET/MT/PT in-house Consulting
Aircraft Inspection Service Aircraft Inspection Service